Marketing translations, from German into Italian

Step into a new market, win new clients

Making yourself be heard in a crowded marketplace is hard work.
Doing it in a language other than your own is even trickier.

In marketing copy and advertisement, the intertwined nature of language and culture shows itself in all its glory. Marketing messages tap on emotional triggers and sensory suggestions to draw in a specific target audience, with a unique profile.

Hitting the spot requires specific skills. The words, the cultural references, stylistic choices and rhetoric devices: everything is dosed and balanced to create the perfect blend for the target audience individual. The result? A captivating message that convinces clients they need you.

Stepping into a new market means targeting a new audience. Consisting of people with different values and different lifestyles, preferences and needs.

Effective marketing translations:

  • Preserve the content of your original message.
  • Adapt the style of your text to a new linguistic and cultural context.

When it comes to Italian translations of German copy, achieving that goal is a challenge. Because Italians and Germans have a different approach to business and advertising.

German into Italian marketing translations: what I can do for you

Effective marketing is based on emotions. How would you like your clients to feel about your brand and product? Different cultures express emotions differently. Similarly, their response to sensory and symbolic language are not always the same.

As an example, German advertising copy is often all about the product: characteristics, direct benefits, etc. This practical approach is mirrored in the choice of words and imagery. In Italy, marketing is more about direct and indirect benefits (such as status) rather than facts and figures.

To succeed on the Italian market, your marketing copy needs to elicit and convince your Italian audience. To do so, you need to speak their language.

I can translate the following for you:

  • Brochures, product catalogues, business presentations
  • Press releases and advertorials
  • Marketing email texts, promotional copy for conferences and events
  • Product descriptions (for e-commerce too)
  • Website content, landing pages, content marketing

Do you need to recreate the alchemy of a slogan, a payoff or other creativity-packed marketing copy instead? Transcreation is what you need.

How I work

  1. You get in touch with me, and send the German copy you need translated into Italian. To calculate the turnaround and price, I need to assess the text. I also need you to tell me a bit more about your translation needs (goals, target audience, preferred deadline, etc.).
  2. Once you accept the quote, I start working on your text. Crafting the Italian version of your text is a delicate process. Before the marketing translation lands in your inbox, I:
    ANALYSE your source text and check your reference material (glossaries, style guides, existing translations, etc.).
    PREPARE a glossary with standardised or technical terms that appear in your copy, to ensure terminology consistency across multiple files. Marketing copy and creative texts require some structure too.
    TRANSLATE your texts. When needed, I’ll ask you to clarify any ambiguities or doubts arising from the translation of your source text, i.e. the distillation of ingredients.
    REFINE, filter and polish it all. Then, I check the translation against the source text and the terminology list for accuracy and completeness.
    REVIEW the Italian content once more, to eradicate any missed typos or style flaws. I check full stops, commas and more. To wrap it up, a quick layout check on the final document, looks matter too.
  3. Your final files are delivered on or before the agreed date.

As an Associate of ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting), all translation services are provided in accordance with the association’s Code of Professional Conduct.

What about the price?

Do you need a quote? Please send me the final version of your German text (no drafts, please). The price of a marketing translation depends on many factors. Are there any slogans or payoffs to adapt? Is it copy for the website or for the press? Any length restrictions for the Italian translation?

Get in touch and tell me all about your project.
After which I will provide a precise quote.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the typical turnaround for this?

It all depends on your text (or texts). Is it a catalogue featuring 60 different products or a tri-fold brochure? Is it a single web page or the bulk of your corporate website?

It also depends on my workload. When you work with me, I personally translate all documents you entrust to me. No subcontracting nor shortcuts, for your privacy’s sake and more.

Get it touch, and I’ll provide a precise delivery deadline.

I’d like to have a German catalogue or brochure translated into Italian. What about the layout?

The length of your German and Italian catalogue will differ – but that’s normal, as each language has a unique structure.

As a result, the layout of your catalogues may differ as well (e.g. more or fewer pages). Fear not: before your files go live or to print, I check them to make sure everything is as it should be, index and table of contents included.

Do you also translate from Italian into German?

No, I’m sorry. But I can refer a trusted professional.

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My name is Alessandra Martelli, I’m a copywriter and translator living in Turin. I help companies thrive on Italian and English-speaking markets by using “the right words” to connect and engage with their audiences.
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