Tourism translations, from English into Italian

Writing about a journey is sharing emotions using the right words

Think of your dream holiday. What do you remember best? Is it the scent of the morning breeze? The colours of vivid nature? The kindness of your host? The rain shower that drove you to that restaurant… and the best chocolate cheesecake ever?

When your trip is over, emotions linger.
Similarly, emotions inspire travelling.

This is why the translation of brochures, travel websites and hotel descriptions need to have a unique quality. A subtle alchemy that helps travellers anticipate the fun, the scents and the scenery. To trigger the imagination and inspire your audience to click.

English into Italian tourism translations: what I can do for you

Translating tourism-related content might look easy, and yet, it isn’t. Think of travel catalogues or holiday booking websites. Even though it’s all about leisure time, it’s still marketing. If your copy fails to compel, clients don’t book.

Hence, the Italian version of your English content needs to be natural, accurate and enticing. It needs to weave in sensory suggestions and imagery whilst providing all the hard facts and figures relevant to your future guests.

Also, pitfalls abound. How should you deal with names of monuments, museums and landmarks? What is the standard terminology to describe hotel facilities? How should you handle references to history, works of art or famous people?

It’s all about finding the right balance. It takes pro skills.

I can translate the following for you:

  • Tourist guides, scripts for audio-guides
  • Brochures, travel itineraries, sales pages for promotions
  • Website content for heritage sites, museums, booking platforms
  • Presentation of local events, exhibitions and festivals
  • Articles and blog posts for booking platforms and tourism-related websites

How I work

  1. You get in touch, and send me the material you need translated into Italian. To calculate the turnaround and price, I need to assess the original English text. I also need you to tell me a bit more about your translation needs (goals, target audience, media, etc.).
  2. Once you accept the quote, I start working on your text. Crafting the Italian version of your text is a delicate process. Before the translation lands in your inbox, I:
    ANALYSE your source text and check your reference material (glossaries, style guides, existing translations, etc.).
    PREPARE a glossary with standardised or technical terms that appear in your copy, researching when necessary. Even in tourism translations, terminology plays a role.
    TRANSLATE your texts. When needed, I’ll ask you to clarify any ambiguities or doubts arising from the translation of your source text, i.e. the distillation of ingredients.
    REFINE, filter and polish it all. Then, I check the translation against the source text and the terminology list for accuracy and completeness.
    REVIEW the Italian content once more, to eradicate any missed typos or style flaws. I check full stops, commas and more. To wrap it up, a quick layout check on the final document, looks matter too.
  3. Your final files are delivered on or before the agreed date.

As an Associate of ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting), all translation services are provided in accordance with the association’s Code of Professional Conduct.

What about the price?

Do you need a quote? Please send me the final version of your final source text (no drafts, please). The price of a translation depends on several factors and on your requirements.

Get in touch and tell me all about your project.
After which I will provide a precise quote.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the typical turnaround time for a translation?

It all depends on your text (or texts): is it a website for a temporary exhibition or a travel catalogue with 30+ guided tours?

It also depends on my workload. When you work with me, I personally translate all documents you entrust to me. No subcontracting nor shortcuts, for your privacy’s sake and more.

Get it touch, and I’ll provide a precise delivery deadline.

Do you also translate from Italian into English?

Yes, provided that the copy falls within my abilities. As per the industry’s best practices, my translations into English are also reviewed by a native speaker of English who is also a professional linguist before they land in your inbox.

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