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English became “the language of science” after World War II. In a field where discoveries and intuitions flourish, a lingua franca supports the spreading of ideas and accelerates innovation. Today, about 80% of all medicine-related scientific literature is published in English.

However, this is a serious challenge for researchers and scientists who do not master the language. They find it more difficult to acquire new knowledge, and build on that knowledge at work.

Today, Italy ranks amongst the top 5 medical devices and IVD production countries in Europe. The medical technology industry employs around 80,000 people. Italian medtech start-ups win awards and funding at an international level, and bring ground-breaking inventions to the Italian healthcare market.

To support growth and innovation, Italian researchers and medtech companies need access to global knowledge. To transform knowledge into action. And go even further.

English into Italian medical translations: what I can do for you

Medical research never sleeps. To translate innovation, you need to first understand innovation – the technologies, processes and new findings that make a difference. Which is why I decided to specialise, in:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Respiratory diseases and disorders
  • Diabetes and nutrition
  • Medical technology (medical, diagnostic and surgical devices).

I also worked as a content writer for American and German news websites and industry magazines. Reporting on the latest innovations on the European medtech and biotech markets.

I can translate the following for you:

  • Brochures, websites and educational materials for patients and caregivers
  • Papers, research articles, content for industry magazines
  • Educational materials and handouts, slide decks
  • Articles and blog posts for science news websites

How I work

  1. You get in touch, and send me the material you need translated from English into Italian. To calculate the turnaround and price, I need to assess the final version of the file(s). I also need you to tell me a bit more about your translation needs.
  2. Once you accept the quote, I start working on your text. Crafting the Italian version of your text is a delicate process. Before the translation lands in your inbox, I:
    ANALYSE your source text and check your reference materials (glossaries, style guides, existing translations).
    PREPARE a glossary with technical terms that appear in your document and research to ensure terminology consistency across the files. When science is involved, structure is a must.
    TRANSLATE your texts. When needed, I’ll ask you to clarify any ambiguities or doubts arising from the translation of your source text.
    REFINE, filter and polish it all. Then, I check the translation against the source text and the terminology list for accuracy and completeness.
    REVIEW the Italian content once more, to eradicate any missed typos or style flaws. I check full stops, commas and more. To wrap it up, a quick layout check on the final document, looks matter too.
  3. Your final files are delivered on or before the agreed date.

As an Associate of ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting), all translation services are provided in accordance with the association’s Code of Professional Conduct.

What about the price?

Do you need a quote? Please send me the final version of your source text (no drafts, please). The price of a translation depends on many factors: subject domain and topic, complexity, volume and more.

Get in touch and tell me all about your project.
After which I will provide a precise quote.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the typical turnaround for this?

It all depends on your text (or texts). Is it a brochure for the patients of your clinic or a user manual for a medical device?

It also depends on my workload. When you work with me, I personally translate all documents you entrust to me. No subcontracting nor shortcuts, for your privacy’s sake and more.

Get it touch, and I’ll provide a precise delivery deadline.

Healthcare-related texts often include confidential information. How will you protect my data?

Confidentiality is essential and forms part of translation service ethics. You will find detailed terms and conditions (including a confidentiality clause) and information about GDPR-compliant treatment of your data in your quote.

I represent a patients’ association or a non-profit organisation. Can you support us with a pro bono translation?

Every year I donate some of my time and skills to non-profit organisations, to support causes that make a difference. However, pro bono translations require the same care and attention as regular translation work. I cannot always accept incoming requests.

Recently, I have translated the first two books of the Jamil & Jamila series from English into Italian, to support the right to education of Syrian refugee children.

Get in touch and tell me about your association. If we’re a good fit for each other and time allows it, I’ll be happy to help.

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My name is Alessandra Martelli, I’m a copywriter and translator living in Turin. I help companies thrive on Italian and English-speaking markets by using “the right words” to connect and engage with their audiences.
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