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Upcoming courses and workshops

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For freelancers and business owners, continuing education is a strategic investment. Developing and refining skills allows us to improve our work, benefitting ourselves and our clients.

This is true only when courses and workshops, either online or offline, are designed with the participants in mind. In that case, learning provides nourishment and growth.

What you can learn from me

Every year, I organise a small number of classes and online courses. I teach what I know best: Techniques for marketing translation and transcreation, copywriting and effective business writing and communications. In English or in Italian.

My workshops are either hosted by professional associations and training centres or organised independently. With a single mission: to provide practical tools and knowledge to enhance your professional profile as entrepreneur.

My courses and webinars are designed for::

  • Junior translators and copywriters who want to hone their craft and skills.
  • Solopreneurs looking for practical ways to enhance their business communication skills.

The formula of an effective training course

The secret formula of the perfect training course is a myth, I know. There are different formats and styles, each fitting different topics and contexts. I also know that knowing something and teaching it are not the same thing. And that the world is cluttered with improvised trainers already.

But here’s the thing: I believe improvising is not a problem at concerts or at the theatre but is elsewhere. I studied, and specialized in teaching. I learned that, regardless of the topic, effective courses start with precise ingredients:

  • Hands-on approach to provide solid skills you can use from day one.
  • Planning, as a structured class ensures extra focus and boosts results.
  • Active participation to help memorisation and keep you motivated.

And, last but not least: expertise as you cannot teach people how to do something when you do not know the topic inside out. So: if you ask me to organise a workshop on social media marketing or fashion trends for the next decade, it’s a “Thanks, but no thanks”. No harsh feelings: I’m not the best fit for these courses.

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Frequently asked questions

How many participants can sign up for a training course?

On-site classes and workshop are designed for small groups (10 to 20 people), to ensure everyone receives personalised feedback and can participate in the training course. Webinars are open to a wider audience (up to 100 or 200 individuals).

How much would a workshop or training course cost?

The pricing of each training course depends on several factors: duration, topic, format, logistics and organisers. When a new course is announced, you receive all relevant information (date, duration, content, price, etc.) to help you make informed decisions based on your interests and budget.

Do you also organise individual courses or mentoring sessions?

Not at the moment. If you’re interested in mentorship programs, check with your local professional associations or business networks.

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My name is Alessandra Martelli, I’m a copywriter and translator living in Turin. I help companies thrive on Italian and English-speaking markets by using “the right words” to connect and engage with their audiences.
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