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Welcome to my Grimoire.

Traditionally, grimoires are textbooks of magic. These were pretty popular in Europe between the 14th and 18th century. Grimoires contained formulas for potions, enchantments and medicines; tutorials for the creation of talismans; chants to convoke supernatural entities; and other such pleasantries. For ancient wizards and alchemists, grimoires represented a life of research.

My grimoire isn’t that different, in spirit, at least.

It is the home of the tutorials and resources I have created over the years. And now I’m sharing these with you, to help you grow your business. To help you tell your story with your authentic voice. To help you stay on top of your work with more ease.

In my grimoire, you will also find proof of my passion for the alchemy of language. Through stories and mysteries that revel around “the world of words”.

Browse, explore, read anything that takes your fancy:

Guides and tutorials for your business

Do you want to expand your business beyond the borders and launch your product on new markets? Here’s what you need to consider to get it right.

Effective communication is key to developing meaningful relationships with clients and partners. Let me introduce you to the seven Cs of communication model, developed by professor Scott M. Cutlip.

What is corporate storytelling? Why is it the talk of the town? How can you tap on the power of stories to showcase your brand?

The tone of voice is the backbone of business and marketing communications. This guide walks you through the basics, to help you find the true voice of your brand.

Deciding on your prices is a challenge. This step-by-step guide will make it easier for you to set a sustainable pricing model for your service-based business.

Effective marketing starts with understanding your clients. This is a roadmap to meaningful buyer persona profiles and how to assess your clients’ needs.

You’re ready to invest in content marketing. Now what? Start by planning your editorial calendar to make your life easier and to stay on track.

An effective marketing plan is a strategic asset. Find out how to create a plan that supports your business goals.

Want to showcase your translation skills to their best advantage? This guide helps you create a translation portfolio that does just that.


The title says it all. Explore software tools that will help you work smarter, and make your life easier. Automation apps, TMs and terminology management & more.

An emergency kit for creativity. These 53 writing prompts and exercises (fiction, non-fiction, poetry and business writing) will help you explore new styles, concepts and ideas.

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My grimoire is a work in progress, just like those magical ancient tomes. Every now and then, I add new resources and thoughts to the collection. As opposed to the ancient grimoires the pages of this one are not limited. Want to be kept in the loop? Sign up for Quicksilver, my newsletter.

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