Product names, slogans, payoffs

The essence of your brand, distilled.

When you think of slogans, what comes to mind? My brain goes back to my childhood days. I see people singing on a hilltop, and sugar-coated chocolate discs flying around. I remember products, rhymes and brands.

Spot-on slogans and payoffs have that kind of power. They evoke sensations and grab attention. They distil your essence, differentiate your brand, bring your products to mind. And stand the test of time.

The name of your product or service can make a big difference. Compelling product names help you create “the right mood” on your website. Intrigue your audience. Make visitors smile, perhaps, and ensure they remember your products.

These are the essential ingredients of your brand identity and personality.
The raw material of your communications, online and offline.

Is this service just what you need?

  • Yes, if you want strong product names with flair.
  • Yes, if you’re looking for a slogan that tells your business story.
  • Yes, if you’re rebranding and need a new tagline for the new identity.
  • Yes, if you’re expanding your business and want to attract a wider audience.

How I work

Coming up with compelling slogans and product names is not an easy task and “being creative” just isn’t enough. It’s all about alchemy, really. Combining technique and passion, mixing imagination and market knowledge, balancing language and marketing skills. You take all the ingredients and you purify, mature, and perfect these until you have a noble product.

I’m going to ask you questions, for my work begins once I understand your business.


  1. Once you get in touch, we arrange a quick Skype call. During the call, you talk me through your business and we define your communication goals. After that, I draw up a quote for you.
  2. Is there chemistry between us? Let’s get things rolling. You complete a custom questionnaire, designed to extract the essence of your message and your brand. We focus on your target audience, tone of voice and style.
  3. Your answers help me create your slogan options. This usually takes 2 working weeks. Each option has to reach your target client’s heart. This requires time and skills.
    During the creative phase, ideas dance and inspiration flows. Words create sounds, melodies… and a few strident notes. After that, filters are applied. All options are inspected in search of the gold nugget. If they’re off target or off brand, I kiss them goodbye. Finally, it is time to refine and polish to make sure the alchemy product lustre is actual gold. I check that your product name or slogan options are truly unique, not a random echo of your competitors. I check commas, details and language nuances. And back again, until I have the number of options you requested.
  4. After a final check, I send you a document with your business name, your product name or slogan option(s), including the corresponding rationale and key considerations. If you asked for help with the naming of your business, I also brief you on available domain names.

What about the price?

The final pricing depends on your industry, competition and product among other factors. Also: would you rather choose between 3 or 5 slogan options? Need some catchy product names to go along with your payoff?

The cost for (product) naming starts at € 1000.
The price of slogans, taglines and payoffs starts at € 800.

Both services are available in English and Italian.
Let’s discuss your project, after which I can provide a precise quote.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the minimum price?

The minimum price is based on 3 name or slogan options, in English or Italian.

I already have a slogan in English. Can you localise it for an Italian audience?

Of course. My transcreation services are just what you need.

I’m rebranding. I’d like a new slogan and new website copy. Can you help?

Of course. My Quintessence service is just what you need.

What if I don’t like your slogan options?

When the background work on your brand personality and target is properly done, it’s unlikely that you won’t find “the one” amongst the options. But it can happen. If that’s the case, no worries. With your feedback, I go back to work and create additional slogan or name options for you. Together we will definitely find “the one”.

You’re Italian, right? Why do you create slogans in English too?

I obtained a copywriting diploma in English, from an institute in the UK. I received the highest possible grades, which is only possible with native-level language skills.

I also developed a deep understanding of the British market and culture, as well as of applicable advertising codes. And to make sure that my English suggestions are flawless and fit your brand, a little extra for you: a final check by a trusted native professional, at no additional cost.

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My name is Alessandra Martelli, I’m a copywriter and translator living in Turin. I help companies thrive on Italian and English-speaking markets by using “the right words” to connect and engage with their audiences.
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