Corporate profiles and presentations

Win over business angels and strategic partners

You created a start-up, and now need partners and investors to add life-giving ingredients to your idea. You need to grab their attention immediately and persuade them of your project’s potential. With the right words, it’s going to be easier.

Writing a presentation or a business profile is a challenge. You need to balance facts and figures with your vision, passion and enthusiasm. You need to convey key information and – most importantly – a clear message: “This is it”.

Quickly, because businessmen are always in a hurry.

Whether you’re expanding your franchise or launching a start-up company, you need to find the right words to be heard and win strategic partners.

You don’t have to do it alone, though.
You are in the right place.

Is this service just what you need?

  • Yes, if you want to win over business angels and investors for your venture.
  • Yes, if you don’t want your message to be diluted in a bland PowerPoint solution.
  • Yes, if you need to expand the network of your company.
  • Yes, if you’re looking for strategic partners and growth opportunities.
  • Yes, if you’re launching in new markets and need spot-on materials for your new audience.

How I work

To be able to present your business, I need to grasp its essence. Who you are, what you do, the strengths and potential of your project.

I need your cooperation for that, to ensure your corporate profile stays true to your values and voice, that it is not diluted.

  1. Once you get in touch, we arrange a quick Skype call. During the call, you talk me through your business project. We pinpoint your objectives. Based on that, I draw up a quote for you.
  2. Is there chemistry between us? Let’s get things rolling. You fill in an in-depth questionnaire. We focus on your target, tone of voice and style.
  3. Once I receive your answers, it’s my turn. Based on your information and reference materials, I draft your corporate presentation. I distil ideas and facts into compelling points – and support it with logic and structure.
    Then, you check the draft. I refine the text based on your feedback. English original copy and translations into English are also revised by a native speaker of English who is also a professional linguist.
  4. Your final files are delivered on or before the agreed date.

What about the price?

It depends on your needs. Shall I create a PowerPoint deck or a PDF profile for you? Do you need your presentation ready in English, Italian or both? Shall we develop a presentation template together?

Let’s discuss your project, after which I can provide a precise quote.

Frequently asked questions

Does the service include design and DTP work?

If you need a “text only” corporate profile in PDF, it does. Do you need a brand guide or a slide deck instead? In that case I need to ask you for your templates.

Do you need expert help from a graphic designer? I can refer a trusted professional.

I already have a corporate profile in English. Can you translate it into Italian? (or the other way around!)

Of course. Let’s discuss your project, after which I can provide a precise quote.

I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign to support my start-up company. Can you help me with the copy?

Of course. I can also create scripts for your promotional videos – or printable and digital booklets for your supporters. Let’s discuss your project, after which I can provide a precise quote.

You’re Italian, right? Why do you offer writing services in English too?

I obtained a copywriting diploma in English, from an institute in the UK. I received the highest possible grades, which is only possible with native-level language skills.

I also developed a deep understanding of the British market and culture. And to make sure that your English materials are flawless and fit your brand, a little extra for you: a final check by a trusted native professional, at no additional cost.

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My name is Alessandra Martelli, I’m a copywriter and translator living in Turin. I help companies thrive on Italian and English-speaking markets by using “the right words” to connect and engage with their audiences.
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