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Once upon a time, there were copywriters. They created slogans and advertising campaigns, copy for catalogues and promotional materials of various kinds. Just like ancient alchemists, they filtered and refined ideas to find the perfect formula for each product.

Then Internet came along,
with new communication standards and rules.

Some copywriters started writing “for the Internet”. This gave birth to the content writer. A master of web-oriented copy, created with a blend of copywriting and SEO techniques.

Today, the difference between content writers and copywriters is no longer well-defined. Some writers fight over definitions; others create new terms to define themselves. Just like in good ol’ alchemy sects.

Do you need a copywriter or a content writer? Are you not 100% sure?
Whichever you need, you’re in the right place.

My writing services, in English or Italian

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Let me provide a sneak peek of the most popular remedies:


Want to create or update your online presence? Quintessence is designed to give you a head start. You’ll get fresh and compelling website copy to attract new clients, and a slogan that reflects your brand identity.


Is your business blog going stale? Do you have brilliant ideas but no time to write your content? Ouroboros helps you publish engaging content all year round, and have more time for your core business and projects.

Also, meet the shelf of ingredients which can be added to your magic potion:


Slogans and product names are the key ingredients of your brand identity. These set the mood, convey your main message to your (potential) clients. And stick to your clients’ minds. Read more


Do you want to earn the trust of business angels and strategic partners? With the right words and an attractive presentation, it’s going to be easier. Read more


All-time marketing classics that never age. Highlight your products with clear and seductive copy. Clients love a lustrous showcase. Read more


Are you launching a new product or package? Do you need a landing page to promote your online course? Be found by people who are looking for your services. Read more


A neat blog and targeted content marketing activities can boost your visibility online. And bring more visitors to your website, day in and day out. Read more

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