Today I’m sharing three of my favourite word-a-day resources. They will help you expand your vocabulary, and find out about new words that are slowly becoming part of our daily lives.


Folks at Wordsmith started their “A Word A Day” series back in 1994. What I love about it is that the weekly choices revolve around a specific theme rather than being at random. As an example, back in April a week was entirely devoted to words coined by Lewis Carroll for Jabberwocky. Definitely a keeper.



una parola al giorno per migliorare il tuo inglese



Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the day” features randomly selected words. The daily treat comes with definition, usage examples, and curiousities.

Open English Dictionary

Open English Dictionary’s word-a-day offer is pure delight for language nerds. The entries feature cross reference information, hints on frequency of usage (with examples), etymology, and more.