Have you ever heard of Yes Man? The film is based on the true story of a man that decided to say “yes” to anything for a whole year – and this changed his life.

I wouldn’t have the guts for it. But I do believe in the power of new beginnings. And it doesn’t apply to drivers and challenges from the outside world, you know. Embracing your own ideas or stretching out of your comfort zone is just as powerful. Trying a new approach and meeting new people can fuel creativity, provide inspirations, and amplify your reach.

A few days ago, a fellow translator told me that she already cancelled two trips because she was afraid of feeling “an outsider” at a translation conference. She’s brilliant, smart, and lovely overall … but she hasn’t managed to overcome her shyness yet.

Saying “yes” to new beginnings and situations can be tricky – but the reward is worth it.

Want to increase your “yes share” and welcome novelty for your business?
Here’s a colourful trio of resources that will help:

Go out. Meet people. Have fun.