TED Talks are a great source of ideas, motivation and inspiration. Speakers come from different courses of life, yet share one ambitious goal: inspiring change.

In this post, you can find out about 5 of my favs. Some of them don’t really qualify as TED Talks “for freelancers” but still include nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom and food for thought that will hopefully make your business life easier and more fulfilling. To watch the talks, click on the speaker’s name. Enjoy!


How to make choosing easier (16:06)

About this TED Talk. Professor Sheena Iyengar provides great insight on the negative impact of choice overload on consumers and decision-makers.

Why freelancers should watch this. Understanding the mechanisms of choice helps you maximise the effectiveness of your offering. Also, Professor Iyengar shares 4 easy science-backed techniques you can use to improve customer experience.


Selling condoms in the Congo (4:16)

About this TED Talk. Amy Lockwood tackles the low adoption of condoms in DR Congo from a marketing perspective.

Why freelancers should watch this. This is a powerful, snack-sized lesson on why understanding your audience is key – for all sorts of businesses, at all times.


You online life, permanent as a tattoo (5:58)

About this TED Talk. Business leader and author Juan Enriquez shares insights on the impact of digital sharing on our privacy and reputation.

Why freelancers should watch this. Social sharing has become a business asset for many freelancers. And some seem to have forgotten the implications of sharing every tiny bit of yourself online. Brushing up the basics never hurts.


Embrace the near win (11:42)

About this TED Talk. Assistant Professor and author Sarah Lewis explores the bright side of near wins – in life and business.

Why freelancers should watch this. The freelance life is a rollercoaster of wins, failures, and near wins. Finding motivation and keeping going when times get rough is tricky … but near wins can be a source of inspiration, and motivate us to excel at what we do.


Simplicity sells (22:06)

About this TED Talk. New York Times technology columnist David Pogue talks about product and service design, and shows why simplicity is key to growing your business.

Why freelancers should watch this. Regardless of your industry, simplicity can help you position your services more easily. In a world of “we do it all”, a defined offer helps getting your message across – and connect with your ideal customers.