For freelancers and small biz owners, scheduling meetings is often chaotic. You send an e-mail with a couple options, your customer gets back to you with a few more, then you make a phone call to confirm, …

With Calendly, scheduling client meetings, Skype calls and appointments gets much easier.


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The tool integrates with your digital calendar (e.g. Google Calendar or Outlook), and creates a scheduling page for you – based on your availability and preferences.

You can share your Calendly page with customers and business partners, so they can book a time slot that works well for both of you. An automatic (and customisable) confirmation e-mail wraps things up nicely.

With the free plan, you can select one event type (i.e. 15, 30 or 60 min time slots). Want more flexibility, or full control over your page’s branding? Pro plans start at 8$/month.