Over the last few weeks, my beautifully detailed planning bombed.

For good reasons, you know. With two training courses scheduled within a fortnight, a HUGE project moving fast towards the deadline and another couple projects in the pipeline, juggling it all whilst keeping up with the rest of life was kinda tough. And guess what? Instead of treasuring the positive, I obsessed with the part of the plan I wasn’t following by the book.

Looking at it now, the negative wasn’t even an issue. Postponing the long-term stuff would have been a no-brainer, because it really is long-term. I could have just trusted my planning skills, and celebrated the results of all the hard work. But I started beating myself up instead.


Fast forward to last week, when I came across an article about a new suite of wait-learning apps. I found the project paper interesting, but the whole concept made me cringe. And that’s when I realised that my self-sabotage (and self-inflicted misery) had a lot to do with the productivity myth.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all in for productivity tools and things that can make our business life easier (my little eBook is just about that, after all). But there’s a HUGE difference between being productive and filling every minute of your day.

People aren’t robots. People don’t have idle times.

Our brain needs downtime. We are allowed to wait for the elevator … just waiting, and looking at the clouds. But that’s oh-so-easy to forget when all you hear around is DON’T STOP. DO MORE. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH.

That’s what happened to me. I forgot.
When you remember, things get better.

The title of this post was inspired by I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK, a 2006 film by Park Chan-wook. Nothing to do with the productivity myth, business or such pleasantries here – but If you’re in for a surreal, poetic and somehow dark movie about the normal/weird dichotomy, that’s a keeper.