Hey, welcome back! Nice seeing you around my new website.

Before the new editorial calendar kicks in on October 19, I wanted to show you to some goodies I created for you while I was away. Ready?


Meet the Grimoire, the new resource library

I’ve been thinking about creating a dedicated space for business and writing guides for a while. And now the Grimoire is here, it really feels like home. It’s packed with free guides (no strings attached) about marketing and business communications – you can stop by 24/7, and read anything that takes your fancy. In the Grimoire, you will also find my eBooks – and the waiting list for the third edition of 21 Free Tools for Translators, which will be out soon.


Meet Quicksilver, the newsletter

Push notifications are all the rage… but they’re so-not-me. Also, you won’t find any weird “buy me, follow me” pop-ups around the website. Want to stay in the loop? Quicksilver is the word. The newsletter lands in your inbox once a month, with business writing advice, news on workshops, and some extra treats.


That’s all from me. Stay tuned!