On day 1 of this Xmas mini-marathon I recommended Multicolr, a free tool that lets you search Flickr-based images by colour. Today, I’d like to share with you 5 more free photo websites where you can find beautiful, royalty-free images for blogs, social media channels or visual inspiration. Ready to dive in?


Unlike traditional stock photo sites, Unsplash offers really unique pictures. All images are CC0, so you can edit and modify them to taste. Looking for branding inspirations? Check out the Collections page – and enjoy!

Life of Pix

Life of Pix also offers high-quality, CC0 images. Check out the Gallery for inspiration or search by keyword.The Textures and Architecture categories are highly recommended!



collezione immagini gratis di life of pix


Photos on Kaboompics are offered by a Polish photographer and designer. Subjects and topics vary – ranging from Christmas-themed images to urban geometries. A collection worth browsing. Found anything you like? Mind the attribution!


Pexels‘ database is huge. Lots of very stock photos here … but a little patience will help you find a few gems. CC0 license – up for grabs!

New Old Stock

New Old Stock is the joy of vintage lovers. All images are in the public domain, and free from usage restrictions. Check out their beautiful vintage ads, and industrial photos from times past.