For freelancers and small business owners, using a solid accounting tool is a must.
There are tons of free options out there, but most of them come with heavy limitations.

Some limit the number of monthly invoices you can issue, other support a thin client database. They might work well if you’re just starting out – but you’ll need to kiss them goodbye as your business grows.

GnuCash is different.

It’s an open source, free accounting tool designed for personal and professional use. With GnuCash, you can issue and monitor invoices, generate sales and cash flow reports, set recurring payments, monitor loans, and much more.


schermata programma di contabilità gnucash

Split transactions window


GnuCash is based on double entry bookkeeping, and can be customised to fit your own tax profile and requirements. It is available in 11 languages, and offers specific productivity modules for small business accounting.

Need a boost to get started quickly? Tutorials and user guides are just a click away.