The digital detox ended gently as the first winter snow fell on Turin. Even though the blogs and Twitter have been silent, November was extremely busy and lively – packed with news, and a few surprises for you.


What happened in November

November was a thunderstorm. My planner is quickly filling up with projects for 2018, and the end of the year is always a race against time.

Yet, I managed to squeeze in some networking and social events. Silvia and I organised a brunch for translators in Turin, and enjoyed a few energising hours with some colleagues, near and far. We decided to meet again next spring … and set the basis for a new tradition. I also carved out some time to finalise my general planning for 2018, starting with some longed-for winter holidays. And then, the proudest moment of all: I finally completed my diploma in copywriting, with distinction!

Over the last year, some people asked whether going back to school was really worth it, after so many years of practical experience. While juggling work and study hasn’t always been easy, I couldn’t be happier. The world of communication is constantly changing. The course helped me hone my skills … and taught me some new tricks as a nice bonus.

A treat for you

My favourite November project? The Writing Inspiration Playbook.

It’s a colourful eBook with 53 writing prompts and exercises, designed to help you explore different forms of writing and sources of inspiration – from fiction to business writing, from poetry to reflection pieces and journals. I wanted it to be useful yet light-hearted. Hence, I included the exercises and suggestions I use to get motivation back when writing feels like a burden. And it’s free for you to grab.


Getting ready for 2018

November was also a time of anticipations for the year ahead. In April, I’ll be sharing insights on transcreation at BP18 in Vienna, with a talk on grasping and bringing your client’s personality and tone of voice to life.

Also, I decided to venture on a journey that will result in huge and small changes for my business. More about this a bit further on.

How are YOU getting ready for the new year? Got any nice news to share? Have your say in the comments!