This post has been sitting on the back of my brain for a while now.

And no, I didn’t “want” to spit it out. It was more a “keep your mouth shut, pretty please” kind of thing. But hey, you only live once – unless you get serious about researching the philosopher’s stone, that is.

So, here’s my bulk reply to the tons of bulk e-mail messages that have been swamping my contact forms lately:


Dear Staff,
E-mail templates are killing your outreach campaign.
Stop it now, for your own sake.


You know, templates can definitely make your life easier – think increased productivity and huge savings of brain power. But they’re not meant for careless copy/paste frenzy nor to make you look lazy and miserable. Yet that’s exactly what they do when you grab them from organic search result #1 and start pushing “send” buttons like a manic monkey.

Indeed, there are some great e-mail templates out there. Comforting as your favourite frozen lasagne, they just need the caring touch of an expert cook – AKA some spice or extra cheese to bring flavours to life. In outreach campaigns, “cheese and spice” means personality and personalization. And if you’re on the lookout for ways to get noticed/earn links/land a guest post, pre-cooked meals won’t cut it.

Enough said.