About me

I am Alessandra Martelli, a copywriter and translator based in Turin. I help businesses and freelancers narrate their ideas and projects in a clear and authentic voice.

I describe myself as a communication alchemist, because finding “the right words” is not an exact science. It requires skills, of course, but you also need to pour in sensation and emotion. To extract texts that attract, intrigue and captivate the reader.

That is what I can do for you: create or translate copy for websites and print-outs, with the right form and substance formula. To help you be found by “the right people”.

How did I get here?

Indirectly, as is often the case.

I studied business and languages in secondary school, then moved on to studying economics and working as an employee. But it did not feel right. Over 15 years ago I started my own business, I went back to what intrigues and moves me: languages and jargon, words and phrases, with their obscure and thrilling mechanics lost in time.

Like the alchemists of old I have studied – and still do – a lot. Transcreation and marketing communication courses; a diploma in copywriting; a specialisation in teaching; … Theory and practice are equally valuable to me.

In 2009 I launched my first business website, MTM Translations. It was my digital home until June 2018, when this site was launched. In 2011 I became a professional trainer. With my courses, I help junior copywriters and translators hone their skills.

Want to learn more about me? Visit my LinkedIn profile.

Who am I?

When you think of an alchemist, what comes to mind? I bet it’s old books, vials with oddly coloured liquids, obscure formulas, dusty rooms.

Oh, well, I love old books and colours but cannot stand dust. I shy away from mathematics but am mesmerized by chemical reactions. I enjoy exploring places, cultures and spices; I travel as much as possible but I’m deeply rooted in Turin. Plato, Emilio Salgari and Shakespeare live close by on my bookshelf.

I believe in human relationships, in nurturing them beyond a computer screen. I believe that communication is an art, but that everyone has a right to express one’s thoughts effectively. I believe in the power of good morning, please, and thank you. I believe that every job is worth doing well, applying tender loving care and patience. I love working with practical people with a wide perspective. And helping them achieve ambitious goals.

Working together


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