My name is Alessandra. I am a copywriter and translator based in Turin. I’m here to help you communicate with your clients in a clear and authentic voice.

Ready, steady, GO!

If you are in business, you know that using “the right words” to narrate your story is key. It’s the gateway for people who need your products (but don’t know it yet) to find you. With the right words, your ideal client realises you are “the right person” to reach out to.

You also know that “the right words” often conceal themselves. These words hide behind clichés, in the swirls of convoluted phrases, between a typo and large quantities of text. Making your ideal client flee. Because people want to touch, see and feel the difference. Even when you’re talking in another language.

It’s all about alchemy, really.
You are in the right place.

Explore the alchemical ingredients


– From English and German into Italian –

Words trigger emotions, memories, sensations… How words are used is deeply rooted in our culture and background. Transcreation extracts the essence of your marketing message, and distils it into a text that captures and thrills a new audience. Take your business beyond borders, talk to people’s hearts.


– In Italian and English –

Are you ready to spread the word about your business and products? Strategic communications are essential to reap the benefits of hard work. Good copywriting is a subtle play of words. A careful transmutation of your global goals revealing themselves in the mi(d)st of language. Consider this: Clear and lively texts that captivate your ideal client and help you be found online.


– From English and German into Italian –

The way you tell your story says a lot about your personality. It’s part of your brand identity; a fingerprint turned words, rhythm and sound. That’s why your translated materials shall preserve the expressiveness of the original copy – as well as the factual content. Effective translations open doors to new business and opportunities.

Get to know me

I believe in the power of words – and choose them carefully. Words can evoke a scent, bring back memories, launch you into the future. With “the right words” you can shape and structure an idea. Because communication is alchemy. Read on

My clients’ voice

Giada Carta Alessandra regularly translates my blog posts from Italian into English… and I don’t know what I would do without her! When I first decided to extend the reach of my business beyond borders, I did it all alone. But after a bit, time constraints made it a must for me to delegate part of the activities. Being sensitive to formal grace and very difficult to please, delegating is hard for me. Luckily, Alessandra doesn’t only translate much better than I would, but recreates my words in another language as if they were born in English, and with the best possible form. On top of that, Alessandra isn’t only adorable but also completely independent in managing and respecting deadlines. Working with her enabled me to “forget about” a huge part of my work, because I know it’s in very good hands.

Giada Carta

Alice Bertinotti Alessandra is dedicated, discerning and experienced: she asks the right questions, sets clear goals and pays close attention to her clients’ requests. I entrusted her with the creation of my slogan because I was impressed by her creativity and ability to play with words to highlight small businesses to their best advantage. I knew that the result would be unique, and true to me. Based on my brief, she found the right formula: “Close the language gap”. This helps me raise awareness of the role and value of interpreters and, above all, be remembered.

Alice Bertinotti

Matteo D. Paone After working so hard on my website copy, I needed a fresh pair of eyes to watch over the quality of the content. I called on Alessandra because, besides being a dear colleague of mine, she’s a competent a professional person that knows how to value each word and phrase. Alessandra was very helpful; after asking some background information (e.g. on my preferred tone of voice, my ideal client and scope of the copy) she analysed each bit of my website. I especially appreciated all the detailed explanations she gave me over our feedback session, as well as her hands-on tips on creating content that would resonate with my audience. Alessandra’s Elixir was a precious booster for a better positioning of my website, and it also helped me approach my content from a different angle.
Matteo D. Paone
Elena Cannelli Alessandra helped me define the style and flair of my website with valuable advice. With her help, I found “my voice” to communicate with my clients. Working with Alessandra was nice and easy, for she’s accommodating and very organised. She optimised our work together to fit my demanding schedule and created a project that suited my individual needs.

Elena Canelli